stories that move

stories that move

What if everybody 

was listening?


Tell your story. Change your corner of the world.

Our brains love a good story. Clear, compelling narratives induce a calming effect and measurably increase our sense of empathy. Stories also instruct, build community, inspire, and give pleasure. Stories get things done.

Whether you want to grow your project, make new friends, change your corner of the world, or just stop being the best secret in town, your success depends on clear storytelling and an effective, economical communications strategy.

Robin Bradford Communications crafts strategies that raise money, grow programs, and transform hard-working nonprofits into household names. Robin Bradford tells stories that move.



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Robin has become a critical member of our team, ensuring we craft powerful and genuine messages in Conspirare’s voice. She has wed our culture with proven communication and fundraising strategies to delightful audience response!
— Ann McNair, Managing Director, Conspirare


communications strategy

Donors and volunteers are exposed to 3,000 marketing messages a day. Knowing whom you need to reach, what they care about most, and how they want to hear from you is a science. Strategic communications further your organization's big goals through targeted intentional actions and the metrics that tell you when you've arrived.

research and writing

From idea to final product, you need someone to research and produce information that meets your audience where they are. Deliver your annual report, data report, brochure, or white paper in the right format—print, video, sharable social media snacks, or even an event—and inspire your audience to act. 

fundraising communications

Fundraising consultants deliver studies and plans. But when your organization is ready to talk to donors, your message matters most. From case statements and mission-inspired event experiences, to year-end fundraising campaigns and grants, your donor wants to be moved.

storytelling for action

You're focused on delivering on your mission but who is focused on telling the stories of the difference you are making? Leave it to me to choose the right interviewees, coordinate video or photo shoots, and craft stories that inspire your audiences to share, act and give. I also write speeches and coach speakers for live testimonials.

outsourced Communications department

Your small- to medium-size nonprofit or solo organization needs to grow, but you can't afford an experienced communications professional to help you build your audience and ramp up fundraising. Leap to the next level with customized boilerplate text, templates, mentoring, and consulting support.

project management

Your nonprofit’s short-term communications or fundraising project needs a champion to keep it on budget and on time. I manage video production, website redesigns, fundraising events, grant applications, and anything that requires an experienced problem-solving leader.



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