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The Three Things Your Nonprofit Does (Yes, Just Three)

Your nonprofit organization does so many good things. But could your long list of programs, data points, and accomplishments be making your prospective donors politely give and step away? What’s the most important thing you need your donor to know? Can you express everything you do in just three words?

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Robin Bradford
Five Must-Do's for Your Year-End Giving Success

Your end of year solicitation letters have been mailed. Your email and social media plans are in place. As a nonprofit leader, you know that about a third of annual giving to nonprofits happens in December. And no one is really sure how changes in the tax law will affect end of year giving. So, what can you do to make the most of this special time of year for your nonprofit?

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Robin Bradford
Stop Talking (A Note from Your Dearest Donors)

Lately my favorite pair of socks say it all: STOP TALKING. I feel weary from the flood of words and images popping up in my electronic devices. Many of us are seeking peace through technology fasts. Even some colorful, creative communications I receive from nonprofits I value and admire seem demanding and loud. Please don’t confuse “getting stuff out there” with building actual relationships and listening. 

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The 4-Letter Word You Must Speak

What is taking place in our country--and in our local communities--is not business-as-usual.

Hate has unmasked its face without shame or fear of reprisal. Hate has been called something other than hate. We are all deeply affected, in our bodies, hearts and minds, whether or not we allow for it or are even aware of it.  As nonprofit leaders, we must respond. But how?

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